Black Lives Matter
Black Trans Lives Matter

We are currently seeing a civil rights movement unfolding in our country. I hear from a lot of adults that they don’t think it’s safe or important to have conversations with the young people in their life about racial justice. I want to push back on this idea (studies show racial bias begins in children at the age of three), and encourage adults to have these conversations with their children early and often!

The biggest lesson I have learned through my time working with young people is that they understand way more than we often give them credit for. They may not be asking you these questions, but they are asking them of their trusted teachers, their friends, and other mentors. 

Don’t do this work alone! Join an affinity group!

Here in LA there’s Black Lives Matter LA, and other supporting groups such as White People For Black Lives. Research your local BLM chapter and see if there are affinity groups that fit your family’s identity and makeup. 

Here are a few resources I really love: 

Parenting is Political is a couple that discusses how they talk to their young children about this with care and affection. 

The Conscious Kid  put together a great guide to having radical conversations with kids about race.

The Children’s Musuem of the Arts in NYC put together a great roundup of many articles on how to have these conversations with young people!

Naomi O'Brien has great resources on how to talk about race as a Black Family, as a non-Black POC family, and as a White family.

Mx. T is an amazing educator and activist that posts frequently about the nuances of anti-racist education.

Britt Hawthorne gives amazing anti-racist education workshops.

Dr. Kira Banks is a psychologist/consultant/and educator who does a lot of workshops that outline different ways to talk to young people about social justice issues. 

Much love to you all, make sure to rest, and drink lots of water!